Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Renacci bill isn't for, um... all women

FACE IT, FOLKS:  Rep, Jim Renacci, the Wadsworth, Oh., Republican, is a genius at creating his own image on the Internet. He just posted a self-congratulatory statement on his home page boasting that he was a co-sponsor of the anti-domestic Violence Against Women Act  that blasted through the House on Wednesday. Eh, with full funding, too.

Now why would a frugal Tea Party Republican brag about  a bill costing  $660 million annually?  Let him explain:
"As a husband and father I believe it is of the utmost importance that we reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act. Our bill provides $660 million in annual funding to help prevent domestic  violence and protect victims of abuse.  It also increases our resources for sexual assault investigations, prosecutions and victim services.   We must give law enforcement the tools to prosecute these crimes and victims (sic) the resources they need to get help."
WOW!  That ought to blunt the edge of any women's issues that his Democratic opponent, Rep. Betty Sutton, might raise in the race  that redistricting  crammed into the same district.  Right?  Not yet, maybe not ever with the current right-wing crowd in the House  .

Renacci cited eight points crediting his work with thoughtful legislation.  But what he didn't mention is that the bill's generosity excluded violence against  certain women covered in the Senate-passed version:  American Indians, gays and immigrants.

In politics, it all depends on how you tell the story.

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David hess said...

Most of us would hail the prompt prosecution of the perpetrators of crimes against women. Personally, I'd draw the line at prosecuting the victims.