Tuesday, May 15, 2012

For Mandel, silence is golden among students

ONE OF THE STRANGEST lines from this season's Senate race in Ohio was from Republican Josh Mandel during an interview with the Youngstown Vindicator.      Follow this,  if you can:
"We must stop student loan interest rates from rising, but I'm not going to say how.  Also, I don't think kids should talk in the hallway."
We have now witnessed a rare unexplored  issue introduced  in the Mandel's Senate race against Sen. Sherrod Brown.  School corridors befitting the silence of a mountaintop monastery?  Good luck on that, Josh. Talk about non-sequitors!  What does student chatter have to do with student loans?  ( The Vindicator also noted that the whiz kid had earlier come out strongly in favor of requiring students to wear uniforms,  without saying who would pay for them.)

Anyway,  it's good to know that Mandel, the Ohio Treasurer, is out and about these days for reasons other  than to raise money.   People who watch more TV than I do say they have yet to see him on a ad attacking Brown. So far Brown has been carpet bombed by more than $5 million in ads paid for by such progressives as the U.S.Chamber of Commerce and the American Petroleum Institiute while Mandel focusses on reminding the public that he is an Iraqi veteran.

At least the bit about chattering students is a welcome, if odd,  change in the subject.    


JLM said...

Thanks to the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, Boychick Mandel doesn't have to get nasty. He has others to do that for him...

...for now.

David Hess said...

I understand that Mandel's puppeteers are steering hundreds of thousands of dollars into an "independent" campaign of negative ads to demean Sen. Brown in the hope of putting a dummy into the Senate that would echo, through some sort of ventriloquism, their financial and economic interests. Presumably, Brown's campaign is preparing counter-ads showing a glassy-eyed dummy, labeled Mandy, on the knee of the fatcat manipulators bent on buying the Senate seat and installing their own sycophant.