Monday, January 16, 2012

Operation outreach for Latinos - not

WELL, THE Republicans are up to their old war dance around the campfire by declaring they are seriously "reaching out" to Hispanics to help their man wallop President Obama in November.

The idea has been around for dcades in the GOP as they reached out to blacks and women to expand their base. It was common talk by local Republican leaders desperate to win an election here and there. And now I am reading that party's gurus (if here are any authentic ones left) are trying to cope with the towering problem of appealing to Latino immigrants while telling them all to go home - and take their undocumented kids with them. .

The conflict is so rigidly locked in the party's history that even some GOP dandies are saying that the assault on immigrants ought to be toned down. An AP report described the concern of New Mexico Republican Governor Susana Martinez, who wants her peers to "'watch their tongues" if they have any hope on luring Latino voters. At this stage of the harsh attacks on undocumented workers by these presidential candidates, she might just as well have suggested that they replace their genes.

Case in point: On the day the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King was being honored, Mitt Romney was hyperventilating on the campaign trail with his latest supporter, a guy named Kris Kobach. And why is that important to note? Kobach is known for his authorship of the Draconian anti-immigrant laws in Alabama and Arizona. Rising to his podium on Fox News, Kobach credited Romney for being much farther to the right on illegal immigrants than the other candidates.

As ThinkProgress notes, Kobach has a history of dumping on immigrants and was accused by his opponents in his losing campaign for congress in 2004 of "having ties with white supremacists."

It may be one more issue that Romney would prefer to discuss in a quiet room somewhere down the rabbit hole.


FoxNewsFan84 said...

What is wrong with taking a strong stand against illegal immigration? Exactly what part of illegal don't people understand?

Those "draconian" anti-illegal immigration laws in Alabama and Arizona that you mentioned happen to be wildly popular with the American people.

Mencken said...

"Wildly popular"?

CBS poll 12/18/11 indicates that 44% think illegals should stay and apply for citizenship, 26% think illegals should stay as guest workers, and 26% think they should leave.

Take a strong stand on illegal immigration? Fine, just don't do it by submitting sloppy legislation that will be overturned and stop associating with white power groups.

David Hess said...

Mitt appears to be so desperate to corral his party's nativist ultra-right wingers that he's willing to sleep with the Devil. Despite his hope, in the general election, to appeal to moderate voters -- both Independents and conservative Democrats -- his history of the company he is keeping in the primaries is certain to haunt him. -

FoxNewsFan84 said...

Yes Mencken, the Arizona immigration law is indeed widely popular.

Next time you post a poll, make sure you post one that actually addresses the subject at hand. And no, the immigration laws in Arizona and Alabama are not sloppy legislation nor have they been overturned. For once in your life, try to get your facts straight.

Let's be honest about what is going on in this immigration debate. The Democrats are going to their tried and true method of playing the race card. They are obviously trying to get a segment of voters riled up (in this case Latinos) by falsely accusing Republicans of being racist.

What is interesting is that the deportation of illegal immigrants has actually skyrocketed since President Obama took office. According to the logic of you left wingers, that would make the president an evil, racist bigot. Unfortunately, logic and consistency is the last thing I would ever expect from you, Mencken.

Mencken said...

Egregious, too bad your poll is a year and a half old, but as you say, "ignoring the facts".... . In any case, I would hardly call 57-43 wildly popular.

What I saw in the poll numbers I included was that 70% of the people polled thought that illegals should either apply for citizenship or guest worker status. I think 70% is more indicative of "wildly popular" than your outdated 57%. And certainly less punitive than many conservatives support.

The central issue is that no one here is "pro illegal immigration". If you'd stop hyperventilating for a moment you'd see that. The only pro illegal immigration folks out there other than the immigrants themselves are the agribusinesses out there that (illegally) hire these people day in and day out.

I've asked conservatives before on this issue if they'd be willing to pay $12 for a watermelon or $8 for a head of lettuce after the immigrants were banished. Well of course they said they'd be proud to do so. However, the proliferation of Wal-Marts and Targets in this country contradicts that perception of reality.

Your pal,


Anonymous said...

Priceless, Mencken.

FoxNewsFan84 said...


As usual, you are trying to change the topic. The whole point of the original blog post was the role of race in immigration laws.

Liberals cannot make an intelligent argument against the immigration laws in Alabama and Arizona. They also cannot dispute the popularity of those laws with the public. Therefore, liberals have to resort to smearing Republicans as racists, linking them to white supremacists, etc. Their use of the race card is only going to get worse as the presidential elections nears.

Why is it racist for conservatives to want to enforce immigration laws but not President Obama, who has dramatically increased the deportation of illegals?

Mencken said...

You have no idea what the point of the original
post is or was.