Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Holy War on to South Carolina

WITH NEW HAMPSHIRE A mere blip in political history , they've all packed up their scripts and headed south to begin a new Holy Year in South Carolina. That's hardly an exaggeration, folks. Wasn't it Newt Gingrich who targeted Mitt Romney during a debate to cut the "pious baloney"?

Yes. The same Newt Gingrich, in an overcompensating search for a personal spiritual recovery plan, invoked the word "Catholic" several times to remind the listener that the Obama Administration had brutally choked Catholic Charities in an unyielding conflict over adoptions by same-sex couples.

Meantime, there was Rick Santorum playing Jesus and saying a lot of monstrous things that Jesus would never have said. In a effort to catch up with the pack, Santorum ran to the right of the New Testament.

Libertarian Ron Paul stuck fiercely to his freedom-and-liberty them, which made economical use of two words that always drew cheers.

We hadn't seen much of Jon Huntsman's output until he gave his post-election "victory" speech
that made his 17 pct. of the vote appear to be a landslide. I had never heard that many cliches in a single gushing monologue as he chose "greatest" to describe everything in America except, of course, President Obama.

But New Hampshire was actually a case of the Survival of the Mittest - Bibles, flags, patriots and all. Made no difference for Romney.

Also, shouldn't dismiss a requiem for Rick Perry. He got the one percent that we've been hearing so much about.

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Anonymous said...

One could say that, in the cosmic scheme of things, poor Rick Perry condensed the speed of light and in the space of several weeks went from a glittering star to a black hole. I'm waiting now for a Newt-like religious conversion on Mitt's part from Mormonism to Southern Baptistism, including a full-body dunk in the salty waters off Myrtle Beach. He'll do or say anything to cadge a vote. Look for Santorum to grow a beard, don a sackcloth wrap and sandals, and present himself as the Second Coming in any upcoming debate. As for Huntsman, the only true mainstream traditional conservative in the crowd, he's far too reasonable to be taken seriously by South Carolina's evangels.