Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Landslide Romney on the march!

ONE OF THE things we've noticed in Landslide Romney's response to issues is that he seldom thinks before he talks. It's sort of a daring frontier quick-draw style that shoots first and asks questions later. So it was on Mitt's post-Iowa blast at President Obama's announcement in Shaker Heights that he had appointed Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - a hitherto leaderless government watchdog that dyspeptic Republican lawmakers have likened to Willie Sutton inside Wall Street's bulging vaults.

Upon hearing of the appointment of the former Ohio Attorney General, Romney erupted that the move was "Chicago-style politics at its worst". Having spent some time in Chicagoland and reporting on dead bodies of hoodlums exported from Gary, Ind., it's obvious to me that Romney knows very little about Chicago-style politics - a city that runs very well. Very little. Besides Obama's many opponents four years ago were using the same insults and nothing came of it.

On many other questions hurled at the president, Romney has a nanosecond response: "He's failed!" But he never really defines failure other than resorting to it as a form of verbal gadgetry so spare of moving parts that nothing more need be said.

As for GOP complaints that Obama was guilty of abusing recess appointments,
ThinkProgress provided some curious information. During his presidency, Reagan
Augustus made 240, contrasted to Obama's 28 during his first term in office. Reagan raised taxes in seven of his eight years and...well, let's not get into that right now,

P.S. Sen. Scott Brown, the Republican from Romney's home state, has congratulated Obama for the appointment. But as everybody knows, Brown is trailing Democrat Elizabeth Warren, the Harvard Law School professor who withdrew from consideration for the consumers' job after Republicans stonewalled her for being too antagonistic to the one percenters.


Anonymous said...

"He's Failed" has become a mindless bumper sticker of the Romney campaign, based on specious claims that nothing the President has done has succeeded. It's a shibboleth without substance meant to make it easy for conservative voters to justify what they already believe while repeating it in the hope of brainwashing fence-sitters who also won't take the trouble to check it out. The truth is, Obama inherited a holy mess from a truly failed president, George W. Bush, who enmeshed the country in two wars that he refused to pay for, coddled the Wall Street banks and fast-buck mortgage brokers by neglecting to regulate them, ran up trillions of dollars in debt to finance the wars, and flatly refused to reduce the unseemly tax cuts for coupon-snippers and the filthy rich. On the positive side, Obama won congressional approval of a health-care reform bill that will enable millions of uninsured Americans to avoid bankruptcy due to serious illness, bailed out the U.S. auto industry and set it on a profitable course, ended the trillion-dollar (and unjustified) war in Iraq and is drawing down the other war in Afghanistan, backed legislation to crack down on the free-wheeling brigandry of the financial services industry, and rammed through an economic stimulus package over fierce Republican resistance that most economists say fostered the beginning of the economic recovery. Wasn't it Himmler who said that if you keep repeating the Big Lie, people will start to believe it?

Grumpy Abe said...

Don't want to ignore David Hess on the above incisive comment, but for some reason it showed up as "anonymous" when it should have identified the writer as David Hess. Sorry about that!