Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wisconsin GOP's ad hoc fake Democrats

IF YOU NEED any further proof of the desperation that afflicts the Republican Party, just check out the Wisconsin GOP's plot to have "fake Democrats" - I can't make this up, folks -running in recall elections in which Republicans have been targeted.

And what is a fake Democrat? To name one, he is Otto Junkermann , age 82, who once served as a Republican state representative and has returned years later to demonstrate his regurgitated value to his party by pretending to be a Democrat. The reasoning behind all of this is much too complex to deserve a long explanation. But essentially it would delay the recall vote because it would create a Democratic primary. There will be other not-so-phantom Republicans appearing in similar roles to head off possible recalls of six GOP lawmakers who supported the Draconian anti-union law that Gov.Scott Walker supported as a fake device to wipe out the state budget deficit.

The Wisconsin voters have already been alerted to the party's retreat to double lives. So you have to wonder whether the schemers have any concern about being branded as cynics to undermine what's left of the system. No, the schemers aren't concerned.


Anonymous said...

I believe the head of the Wisconsin GOP said the faux-dems move was made to buy time for the six Republican state senators. Plus, he chided the recall effort as a waste of money while never acknowledging that the creation of a primary will mean even more tax payer money is spent on an election. It also appears that the GOP will be unable to get the 3 targets they wanted for recall. Why? Fraudulent signatures and misrepresentation by petitioners to get signatures.

PaulRyanFan84 said...

That is not a new tactic. The Democrats just ran a fake Tea Party candidate named Jack Davis in the NY-26 congressional special election just last month.