Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Drumroll, please: Arshinkoff is back

ALEX ARSHINKOFF'S return to the Summit County Board of Elections is all but official! Only a couple of routine technicalities separate him from the seat from which he was ousted in February 2008 for causing so much mayhem on the board, as is his nature. All that remains now to make the Summit County GOP chairman's return to the board seat official is a recommendation by his party (a no-brainer) and the appointment by Secretary of State Jon Husted, the recipient of a $150,000 contribution from Alex's county treasury during the last campaign. Obviously Arshinkoff had already carefully planned his triumphal return long before today.

Still, why were we served so much uncharacteristic humility by Arshinkoff in today's Beacon Journal report? If he were asked to serve, he said, he certainly wouldn't turn it down. If?

Of Husted's role in appointing him to the $17,000 a year job, Arshinkoff said: "It's up to him. He's secretary of state. We haven't had any deep discussions." (English translation: Nature will take its timely course, much like the current roaring over Niagara Falls. No deep discussion necessary.)

And more coyness from Husted spokesman Matt McClellan, who told the BJ that it was much too early to predict the outcome. "We'll review whatever nominee the party makes." (English translation: We know who the nominee will be. Why is it even necessary to ask?)

Wayne Jones, the county Democratic chairman who is on the board, was circumspect about the imminent arrival of his political a adversary, telling me: "I hope he's not confrontational."
And good luck on that.

For several months, Arshinkoff has been recovering from serious foot surgery caused by diabetes and has been relegated to running his party by telephone from his home in Hudson. You can be sure that he didn't fill in all of his time watching VCR's of The Sopranos.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable that this guy with so little education, abilities, and talent other than milking taxpayers for personal gain can be appointed/hired to positions of public trust.

JLM said...

An old friend of mine went to high school with Big Al. Apparently,, Al was a fat, smarmy, glad handing, "Hiya, pal!" type way back then. The kind you hated to see coming.
By the way, let's not forget, Al started his career at the Summit County Board of Elections as the janitor.