Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The NY Times falls for the carefully laid trap


The omniscient New York Times fell for the non-debate Republican "debate" with a big Page One photo of the Team GOP bar code (see earlier post) and a frightfully long article on what it expansively called the "largest debate of the 2012 campaign." But the reality lies in the fact that the election is still 17 months away and these scrimmages are nothing more than an NFL exhibition game in August in which the rookies hope to show off their stuff to make the cut.

These are media-driven times in politics in which a single TV commentator chooses to cite the candidate who seems to have gained a point or two in a crowded field and is thereby elevated to front runner. My former boss Jack Knight regularly complained that the problem with the pundits is that they cover politics like horse races rather than spending much time examining the issues.

Seventeen months people! Anybody besides the candidates' immediate families want to swear that they will remember this parley a week from now?

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