Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Fox in an unreal chicken coop

What' wrong with this picture? In reporting a new USA Today/Gallup poll that showed 61 pct. of Americans supporting collective bargaining and 33 pct. opposing it, the Fox News alchemists managed to mislead the viewer into believing the opposite. It simply labeled the results "Take it Away: favor or oppose"? In Fox's sneaky way of reporting it, 61 pct. of Americans favor taking away collective bargaining. Planet Fox has reached the point where realities are meaningless in it's reach for deceptions for an audience that has no problem with being deceived.


Mencken said...

I think this presents a perfect opportunity for our friend Fox News Fan to defend Fox's "methodology".

ScottWalkerFan84 said...

Whoop dee doo. So the subtitle on a Fox News graphic was worded in a clumsy fashion. It's a dumb mistake but it isn't worth getting your panties in a bunch.

Besides, for every blog that details inaccuracies on Fox News there are just as many blogs detailing inaccuracies on CBS, MSNBNC, New York Times, etc. If you are determined to be outraged there is always something to be outraged about.

Grumpy Abe said...

OK, whoop dee doo. I've named a Fox inaccuracy, which you don't find indictable. If you read the NY Times, you would find a daily column in which the paper corrects its mistakes. But I don't consider Fox's sins simple mistakes, but rather an intentional plan to mislead its gullible audience. Since you've mentioned it, however, detail an "inaccuracy" by NBC. Even an amateur would have noticed the problem with the Fox post of the poll results - an amateur! On a scale of 10, where do you rank in gulliibility?