Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Arshinkoff Strain returns to Summit politics

WELL, WE FIGURED it would only be a matter of time before Alex Arshinkoff erupted into soaring hyperbole about Summit County's Zombie Democrats. The county GOP chairman had been relatively dormant in his confused euphoria over the November election, choosing only to boast of the county's tilt toward Republicans.

Today, however, it was good to see the Old Alex back on the podium in the Beacon Journal, resorting to his familiar assaults on people he doesn't like and has never liked. Right. Democrats. So when he accuses them of participating in "the dumbest thing I've ever seen", one can safely assume that his perception of dumb things is rather limited or that he has finally exhausted the list of things that he has often called "scandals of Biblical proportion."

This time around Arshinkoff is calling for a petition drive to punish county workers who illegally participate in political activities. A charter amendment, he insists, is the only way to keep these scoundrels from breaking the state law. (The county prosecutor's office opines this law isn't applicable to Summit because the county, unlike the state's other counties, operates under a self-designed charter.)

The history of Arshinkoff is that he's never been reluctant to impute criminality on his political opponent(s). I, for one, would happily sign his petition if he agreed to start at the top by adding former President George Bush (who authorized illegal harsh interrogation of prisoners) and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to the list of lawbreakers. It was Thomas who failed to acknowledge his wife's income for several years on his disclosure statements. Both guys are of Alex's party. Both broke the laws. Neither will be punished

Is that a deal, Alex?

Finally,with reference to rampant lawlessness in the county, Arshinkoff not only called it the dumbest thing in charter history, but assured us: "...and I've seen a lot of dumb things."

Even with his prompting, I won't go down that road with him.

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David Hess said...

Is it an Arshinkoff Strain, or a Syndrome?