Saturday, February 26, 2011

Back to drinking beer in Wisconsin?

THE THREAT OF poisoned public water supplies has often appeared on any list of potential terrorist attacks on the U.S. But may we now add the Wisconsin Republicans' assault on sanity to their list of mindless initiatives? How about this one, for starters: GOP legislators in both Wisconsin Houses have introduced bills that would repeal a law requiring municipalities to disinfect water supplies because - you already know, I'm sure - it's too expensive. .

If you need a few more details on the lurking danger, in 1993 infected water in Milwaukee was blamed on 104 deaths and 400,000 illnesses. and as ThinkProgress points out, the EPA today attributes 13 pct. of acute gastro-intestinal illnesses to dirty water in U.S. cities that don't disinfect their water supplies.

But as the royalists up there in Badgerland would say: Let them drink Old Milwaukee!

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Anonymous said...

The good ol' GOP- the purported party of common sense. Nothing but the taxpayers welfare in mind.