Tuesday, March 23, 2010

They're Lincoln Day dinners - but why?

AS AN ALWAYS confused political observer, I must again ask what I've asked in the past:

With the current round of Republican Lincoln Day dinners in play, is there anyone who can explain to me what Abraham Lincoln, a leader of exceptional courage and conscience, has to do with the current version of the Republican Party?

Or is this one more instance of identity theft?


Anonymous said...

Lincoln would have been labeled a RINO and his presence in the Party would have been denounced by the DeMint's and Tea Partiers.

Anonymous said...

What does Lincoln have in common with today's Republican party? Quite simply: a strong appreciation for freedom and individual liberty.

The real question is how can you reconcile the Democrats current agenda with the founding father's beliefs about the proper role of government?

Mencken said...

Anonymous assumes that the Founding Fathers, if alive today, wouldn't recognize that the country faces a myriad of problems completely unimaginable to any American citizen in 1776.

The Founders gave us a beautiful document, but don't project what they would think or do if faced with the problems of America in the 21st century.

fargo said...

I always chuckle when someone tries to suggest that they understand the founding fathers intent. These were the same founding fathers that owned slaves and prohibited women from voting. If the Republican Party believes in freedom and individual liberty then why does it stand in the way of gays an lesbians getting married or my daughters reproductive system?

Grumpy Abe said...

Their understanding of the Founding Fathers dates back to Gingrich's Contract with/on/for America. Even Newt will tell you that.