Sunday, March 28, 2010

When a spittoon won't suffice for these people

JUST WONDERING: Have you ever spit on another person? You know, clear your throat and whack! to express you anger? No? Me, either - although there have been times over the years when I have been damned angry at someone. Of late, airborne saliva has been one of the perils for some folks today who pass through a ranting chanting crowd fearsomely opposed to something or other. The targets have been African-American congressmen, but there may have been others. Unfortunately, the Constitution has nothing to say about spitting so the perps will tell you it's OK because, after all, they are angry. We can only hope that it will end soon before someone is seriously splashed with the blood bursting from a bulging vein in a frantic protester's f0rehead.

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Anonymous said...

A significant portion of the Tea Party people are from the South. Spitting into that spittoon should be a habit.