Monday, March 8, 2010

No Oscar again for Fred Astaire

OSCAR NIGHT came and went and once again Fred Astaire didn't win. I'm sorry about that. Having seen his work with Ginger Rogers back when good tap dancing and top hats in movies really meant something, I've often wondered why he never got the recognition that he deserved. Maybe it was because his name was really Fritz Austerlitz and he was from Omaha, Nebraska. True. a lot of stars change their names, but not a lot of them are also from Omaha. Besides, Ginger wasn't of much help as his dancing partner. (Did Katherine Hepburn really say that Fred gave Ginger class and she gave him sex?)

Otherwise, the big night started off nicely with Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin on their game as a pair of standup co-hosts insulting the glitterati in the audience (it was noted that Meryl Streep had more nominations than anyone in Hollywood history, which also meant that she had more losses!) But I began to fade as winner after winner loped to the stage. There is a certain sameness about it all. At least Martin and Baldwin descended on the stage from high above it in a rig.

The red carpet leading to the hall was showered with the sort of gasps that you would expect if dozens of mermaids washed ashore in borrowed Gucci gowns. Fantastic and... totally surreal. Words like that Oh, wow! You look so beautiful!

But Hollywood did behave itself this night. Very little cleavage and even less political commentary. As for Fred, there's always next year.



Harry Liggett said...

But Fred did win a Golden Globe. Among the No. 1 songs in 1930 was "Three Little Words" performed by Duke Ellington. "Three Little Words" was also a musical biography of the two men who wrote the song, lyricst Burt Kalmer and composer Harry Ruby. Fred Astaire, who played Kalmer won the first Golden Globe award for Best Actor in a motion picture musical in 1951.

Grumpy Abe said...

Thanks for bringing me up to date on the Golden Globes, Harry.