Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bunning's one plus one: Two trillion $$$$

While Jim Bunning has his defenders in trashing an extension of unemployment benefits because they are too expensive, he was quite supportive of George Bush's tax cuts (at left, in 2001) that ripped more than $1 trillion from the federal treasury. Bunning also strongly supported Bush's $1 trillion Iraq war. My math is usually terrible, but it does appear to add up to $2 trillion - or more. (Notice how all of the budget hawks are happily wearing black suits, funereal fashion, in photo.)


PJJinOregon said...

Based on an informal survey conducted by me, this screwball is a hero to some very vocal voters. Yahooo's FrontPage carries an AP story about Bunning. Readers are invited to comment and reply to any comment. The replies are labeled as thumbs up or down. Nealy all the comments that pan Bunning draw a balanced mixtures of replies. The comments that applaud him show a large majority of thumbs up. My conclusion? People can read but not think. More tea, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Conservatives argue that tax cuts can actually boost revenues by promoting economic growth. They would cite the increases in total federal tax revenues in the years following September 11th.

To say that the Bush tax cuts cost the country $1 trillion is technically not true. It is called dynamic tax analysis.