Friday, November 6, 2009

When facts betray the media's "facts"

FROM AN ALERT Grumpy Abe reader comes this slice of current media life:

"Thank you, WTAM 100 FOX News.

"Reporting this morning that the Fort Hood gunman was acting alone and was still alive contrary to yesterday's reports, they offered: 'The facts keep changing' No, the facts don't keep changing...your reporting does.

"After referring to the incident as a terrorist attack several times their (WTAM's) morning personality finally felt compelled to say that 'of course, anytime something like this happens, it's fair to say it's an act of terrorism.'

"Of course, it wasn't just Fox News...they ALL got the story wrong but at least they got it quickly. It's not the media's fault if the facts keeps changing."

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Mencken said...

For some media outlets, the truth is a moving floor.