Sunday, November 8, 2009

Get out the CliffsNotes for Lieberman's conscience

SHOULD WE have the benefit of CliffsNotes to understand Joe ( Zelig) Lieberman's holier-than-Obama's explanation of why he will join a filibuster against the health care reform bill just passed in the House? Joe is now telling people that he must act according to his conscience. Once-Democrat Joe has shifted back and forth politically and wormed a committee chair from feckless Democrats who figured he would be helpful as an independent in their caucus.. This was a conscience-driven Zelig who became John McCain's obsequious water boy and spoke adoringly of the Republican candidate without ever convincing many people that he knew what he was talking about. Could he have been thinking of a vice presidential nomination?

Considering the subplot to his conscientious opposition to the health care bill it is fair to ask how much his conscience governed him in view of the fact that his wife Hadassah has a history of working in the neighborhood of pharmaceutical and insurance companies through her paid association with Hill & Knowlton, the giant lobbying outfit, as well as others. As columnist Joe Conason has pointed out, "For most of the past three decades, Hadassah Lieberman has been employed by either pharmaceutical companies or the lobbying firms that represent them..."

How inconvenient for the family that Barack Obama, the man who beat Joe's candidate by more than 9 million votes, has dedicated the first year of his presidency to a public option plan that is anathema to the health care industry! How inconvenient for a chickenhawk like Lieberman , who put no limit on the Iraq war costs, that his conscience now tells him to oppose spending Federal dollars on uninsured Americans! When Lieberman speaks with such mock sincerity of conscience-driven decisions, he's not only a liar, but a disgusting creepy-crawly one at that.

P.S. I can't complain about Lieberman's cohort, Sen. Lindsey Graham, who also is against the bill. Graham is from South Carolina, of course, a state that has offered the national government and America's sanity nothing but grief. For him, it must be genetic.


PJJinOregon said...

Joe won't have time to filibuster health care. He'll be too busy organizing an investigation into the Islamic ties of the Fr. Hood shooter. You must admit that Lieberman is a master of grabbing the headline. What he does after the grab is problematic.

Grumpy Abe said...

Joe delights in being p;art of the Fox News cesspool where he can be assured of not being ridiculed for the chameleon that he is. So his reflection on the Fort Hood massacre began with the exploitative assumption of a much greater plot and then said that IF- IF! - the speculation is valid, it must be true. He is, of course, ignoring caution from the Secretary of the Army and other military brass that such speculation could bring harm to more than 3,500 other Muslims serving in the U.S. military. But Joe found ways to escape military service so he really wouldn't know much about the internal culture of the barracks. He and Michele Bachmann would make a perfect match made in Hell. i

Mencken said...

Any television viewer of the NFL is aware of the maladies known as COPD, PD, and ED. Joe suffers from LAMD ( Look At Me Dammit ) . Symptoms of LAMD include curvature of the spine, short and long term memory loss, and split personality.

There's no cure but the treatment is profitable.