Monday, November 30, 2009

Re Weis: Better yet, the check is in the mail

THE FIRING OF Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis, who reportedly has $10- to $18 million remaining on his contract, drew this epitaph from ND's president, Rev. John I. Jenkins:
"I am most appreciative of Coach Weis for his service to Notre Dame and our community. He and his family have my prayers and best wishes."
It's a start.

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Anonymous said...

Akron U lost a football coach, too. In the 12-1 BJ the talkative new AD allowed as how it would cost UA $500,000 to $750,000 by June 30th to rid itself of the coach before the 2010 season. (And then he also gave enough information to set the bottom point for the next coach's salary negotiation, $379,000, as the reporter easily discovered from what the AD promised.) Must not be the AD's money, anymore than the $3.1M annual cost of the unpaid-for Infocision Stadium is his money.