Saturday, April 18, 2015

Will this turtle lay an egg, too?

As most people probably know,  turtles - among the slowest moving creatures -   lay eggs. Even slower, however, is the GOP Senate boss  who has now stalled a vote on Loretta Lynch for attorney general for more than 5 months because of a sex trafficking bill held back by anti-abortion politics.

But while the Senate turtle is having his say to prove that Republicans clearly  know  how to govern,  he could wind up  laying his own egg by inciting  the wrath of his opponents.

But his stone-walling has been shared so far by Ohio Sen.Rob Portman, who will only say he's still "weighing whether to vote on the bill." Five months, Rob!  Five months!.

Between McConnell and Portman,  I would have to think about it a long time before giving either one the edge for procrastination.  Portman already is being targeted by women's and minority groups. ( By the way, that's the turtle below.)

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