Monday, April 20, 2015

Meet the new John Kasich, Mr. Goodwrench

Did you happen to see NBC's Chuck Todd  interview of Gov Kasich on  Meet the Press on Sunday.  If not, you can witness it on-line.

Has Kasich undergone a personality change as he gears up a team for a presidential candidacy?  Yep.  Full of rubbery smiles, collegial good natured talk, and cheerfully  boasting that he has more experience than anybody else in the GOP's expanding field.  In case Todd didn't catch that part of it, the governor repeated it authoritatively as though he were warning all of the others to pack up and leave.

Not quite an official announcement of his own yearning options that are still on the table,  he said, a handy cliche.    But....''I can a see the future," he assured doubters, even though prospective voters have yet to see him in the national polls.

 Oh,  will he make  his faithful trust in the Lord one of his enduring  conceits, as in forever explaining to impatient reporters that he's waiting for God to tell him what to do?
 As Plunderbund noted, he once told the New York Times that God advised him to run for governor.

Those references, not only by Kasich but other presidential wannabes have a way of cheapening one's reliance on personal faith for guidance to the pick of  the litter.
We prefer Aaron Rodgers mature response when the Green Bay Packers star quarterback qas asked whether God had played a role in the Packers' victory.

"I don't think God cares who wins a game," he replied.

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