Thursday, February 6, 2014

Portman rises to top of mythiness list


Well, we knew the moment would arrive when Sen.Rob Portman would vault to the top of the Ohio Republican mythiness list. He earned the title by  voting against a 90-day extension of unemployment benefits. It dashed the notion (carelessly distributed in the media) that he is a "moderate" which,  in 
GOP  circles, is slightly to the right of socialism.  

 The measure lost by one vote in the Senate - O-N-E - which could have been avoided if Portman had voted for it after the Dems, on hands-and -knees, excluded unemployed millionaires (!!!)  from the bill. I'm not sure how the one per centers got into the bill, but they would be the  last people that the GOP would want to annoy.

 Portman said he liked that part of it, but still couldn't bring himself to vote to save the benefits of 48,000 Ohioans as well as 1.7 million  unemployed Americans. Bottom line:  The aginners, as has been the trademark of the Republican class,  said America  couldn't afford the cost.

Speaking of the jobless:  Wouldn't you think that somebody in the Republican caucus would have called the New York Yankees  front office to chip in the pay  of Alex Rodriguez, who is currently suspended and out of work himself.  It would have nicely covered the cost of the extension.

But where would that that leave our Sen. Portman as he obediently defends the  faith of his conservative colleagues? You can see how tough it is these days to be be a moderate senator.

UPDATE: Neither the Beacon Journal nor the Plain Dealer reported the Senate's action in the paper that arrived at my mailbox today;  readers of Grumpy Abe and Plunderbund reported it last night.  

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