Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hey, people. Mike Sam isn't a tornado alert!

The self-revealing notice by college football star  Mike Sam that he's gay has handed the national media an intoxicating grape to wildly seduce an audience otherwise  occupied with the worst of winter. For that, I say shame on the TV reports - with endless photos -  that bounded across the screen  with the urgency of tornado alerts.  (I sympathize with the remaining NFL players, coaches and owners who have yet to be asked to comment on  its "impact" on the pampered and sacrosanct league.)

So the guy's gay.  So what?  Oh, while many have stepped forward to praise Sam' s courage, there may be catcalls from the homophobic cretans in the bleachers.   I'd like to be around if Sam, who is 6'2" and weighs about 260,  invites the guy to come onto the field and asks:  You got a problem with that? 

Enough already. When Sam enters the pros, he will be judged like everybody body else in pads:  Is he helping the team to win?

When he was managing the Pittsburgh Pirates, Danny Murtaugh was asked by a reporter  about the all-black team he had fielded that day.  Murtaugh responded perfectly:

"Oh, I didn't notice."

By now, in 2014,  I thought that all of us would have stopped noticing the inner Mike Sam.

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