Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mythiness, the GOP art of mythical stuff

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Stephen Colbert added "truthiness" to our language;  Aristotle gave us "shoeness"  (the generic concept of a shoe).  And now Republicans have contributed "mythiness".

That describes all of the mythical stuff that the GOP has assigned to whatever comes to mind to savage President Obama, from minimum wages to birthplaces to Obamacare  (healthyness?).

That came to mind when a major flaw was discovered  in the Republican response to Obama's State of the Union speech by Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a rock-hard conservative of Washington. To dramatize her horror  over the President's ACA law, she  told us about "Bette from Spokane", whom,  we were soberly  informed,   was floored by a $700 increase in her health plan. Oh?

It gets a little confusing after that bombshell  if you try to connect the dots to Bette Gernier's complaint.    Suffice it to say that after the Spokane Spokesman-Review checked Bette's story it reported that she was  referring to a much pricier insurance option that neither you nor I could afford, Obamacare or not..

What's more, Bette also told the paper that she hadn't checked a health insurance exchange nor would she ever "avail herself of federal subsidies".  And a Rodgers  spokesman admitted that no one had checked Bette's story before it was inserted in the response to the president's speech.

Perfect, if mythiness is your thing.

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