Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Plain Dealer: So where was the bonus?

I know that all of you Plain Dealer  non-subscribers must be anxiously wondering about the PD's Saturday "bonus" that I shared with morning coffee.  So am I, folks. In short, I will need much more evidence that it's a bonus and not a garden variety Saturday paper that has greeted me for years. Lots of car ads  Lots of sports.  Lots of visual candy.  

You have to think that  the promotion department labeled the Saturday delivery that way because it is true that nobody can resist the lure of a bonus.  So instead of the four-days-a- week deliveries that I'm paying for, I must now adjust to the idea that the Saturday paper is the PD's way of telling me that I deserve something more than three-day home delivery.


It must have been a horrifying week for the  remaining staffers who faced the awful task of designing a new "reimagined" product that would fetch more readers.  Ted Diadiun, the PD's  reader representative, tried to explain it in Sunday's column, devoting much space to how one was to download the e-edition - the replicated pages of the papery edition that eluded so many old-fashioned readers.

He directed us to the Diversions section and from then on it was a series of moving cursors, click print/downloads and various other digital exercises.    Along the way you would learn how to see a puzzle by accessing  the "share button in the blue  navigation bar"  above a puzzle that looks likes an "arrow curbing out of a rectangle".

Yadayadayada.  Talk about puzzles! (As somebody once said, "I wish I were younger so that I would know everything.")

 Sunday's edition was a cliff-diving effort by the graphics department.   Huge  color photos   were stamped across the pages to suggest a kind of gawdy modernity.   The graphics advisors have been growing in influence for at least a whole generation of declining readership. Big pictures fill a lot of  space once partly filled by text. That means less text by a thinning staff of writers.

I'm resigned to that.  But who defined bonus at the PD?

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