Wednesday, August 21, 2013

GOP's Schrimpf; Only investors qualify for governor

When anybody tells me that Republicans are cold-blooded predators and don't have a sense of humor, I look for ways to disagree.  For example, there's Chris Schrimpf, who is proving to be  good for a laugh now and then.

Never heard of this fellow?  Well, he's the communications director of the Ohio Republican Party.  His career  path included a stint as communications director for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, the anti-union exec who was reported to have exchanged high priority  conversations with Gov. Kasich before  the ill-fated Senate Bill 5 was left for dead by the Buckeye voters.

Who could have a greater sense of humor  than Schrimpf , who decided to strike a fatal blow at  Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed  FitzGerald's  core values by disqualifying him as a worthy candidate.

Here's where the humor begins:  Schrimpf said  FitzGerald doesn't have "investments," no portfolio and stuff that would prepare him to handle the grave business of the state.  Kasich, we know, not only had investments; he also had the experience of being a managing director of Lehman Brothers, the bankrupt Wall Street investment firm.

In one shattering breakthrough from politics as usual, Schrimpf has decided: No portfolio, no governor."

He's kidding, right?

Alas, upon further reflection, I don't think so.

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