Saturday, August 17, 2013

Against Coughlin, Alex opts for lesser of two evils

How painful it must have been for Summit County Chairman Alex Arshinkoff to join the elections board majority in its unanimous decision to hire former Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner as an "elections expert." Her advisory assignment is to determine whether Kevin Coughlin, Arshinkoff's old Republican nemesis, should be granted a spot on the ballot as an independent candidate for Stow Clerk of Courts.

It was Brunner, you may recall, who dismissed Arshinkoff from his elections board seat for being a disruptive kind of guy. He's now back.  And had to choose between  Democrat Brunner, whom he despises, and Coughlin, whom he despises, in the current set-to at the Board.  A longtime poker player, Arshinkoff put his money on Brunner, now out of office,  as the minimally lesser of two evils and doubtless went to confession afterward to expunge the sin of ever supporting any Democrat.

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JLM said...

Wow! Poor Alex. Having to make this awful decision may have PCredincaused him to even loose his appetite..................................nah.