Sunday, August 4, 2013

A prescription for walking dogs and circus elephants

Well, another week of frantic stupefying behavior from our homegrown political aliens that would make you wonder why any Martian would ever want to take up residence here. A couple of items - unverified rumors, really - circulating throughout GOP land are interesting enough to reprint and bear watching:

Hospitals in the nation's capitol are reporting a growing number of right-wing U.S. House members suffering from symptoms of repetitive motion syndrome -  particularly weakness and numbness.

A new group of reps covered by plush health insurance have shown up in emergency rooms following the Boehner House's 40th unsuccessful vote to kill Obamacare. Doctors say the only remedy is for the  victims to walk their dogs.  Or their lame circus elephant...

Meantime, a new advocacy group to be known by the acronym WOMBs (Wives of Manic Bubbas)  have taken to Twitter to promote a plan denying sex to their husbands or significant others until the latter stop probing uteruses for even stricter abortion laws.  A spokeswoman said her group got the idea from Aristophanes'  Lysistrata in which women shut down intercourse with their husbands until the militant spouses stopped  their warring behavior.

* * * * *

Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor,  who also is Ohio's insurance director,  has grabbed more than a few headlines with her department's reports that the Affordable Care Act will raid our pocketbooks with serious increases in premiums. She first warned us that it would drive up costs 88 pct. But last week, Taylor,  a proud CPA in her former life, drew back from that figure to now warn that the price more likely will be 41 pct.   But even that figure, if only invented, got into newspaper headlines in a manner to scare the hell out of those folks who didn't read the actual story.

Score a minor  self-serving propaganda coup for Taylor  in her obsession to resist  health care insurance exchanges in Ohio well beyond the usual partisan opposition. The noise is  likely to remain this way right  up to next year's gubernatorial election as she persists in warning us of an impending economic doomsday under President Obama's health-care plan.    The facts  have no value in this deceptively iterated plan.  But if you want to sanely break down the argument into its many moving parts and come away with a better idea about where it is leading, I recommend Luke Brockmeier's investigative reports in Plunderbund.Com  that could lead you to conclude that we will be witnessing  a Republican Hail Mary that won't produce a touchdown

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