Sunday, June 2, 2013

From Woody Hayes... to Gordon Gee's woodshed..

When OSU icon Woody Hayes nastily slugged a Clemson linebacker  who had intercepted a pass in the 1978 Gator Bowl (in full view of a national TV audience),  he was fired.   When OSU president Gordon Gee verbally slugged Notre Dame and Catholics - only jesting, he said  - the school's Board of Trustees, decided it was time to send him  to class remedial behavior sessions.

For Gee, whose annual pay with compensation is nearly $2 million, it could get worse.  The board has warned him that it doesn't expect to be ambarrassed by his childish humor again and quite likely will fire him if he doesn't shape up.   Meantime,  the Board has set a regimen for him that is weirdly not fashionable for the modern  breed of university officials .

 For example, it's not every day that a board of trustees orders  the campus president to work with professionals to clean up his act with a "more targeted selection of the most  appropriate speaking engagements and appearances."

It also wants him to enlist professionals in "revisiting your personal communications and speechwriting processes..."

Those and other behavioral conditions just don't seem the sort of  things you have to tell a multimillion-dollar president of a mammoth university. Even if they have to be told to him.

As long as the trustees are at it, they should also remind him to never run with scissors.


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