Friday, June 14, 2013

From the new world of Portmania - terrible spelling

I should have known.  No sooner had I posted a lament about the abuse that my misspelled surname had suffered over the years, a letter from Sen. Rob Portman arrived to Nancy Zardn. She had prompted the attention of the Ohio Republican's office by writing to him with a complaint about Sen. Poutman's opposition to background gun checks.

In a standard form letter  rejecting her plea for sanity, Sen. Porter repeated all of the things that he has been saying publicly to defend his troubled position, i.e., background gun checks are useless and we need instead to do more research on gun violence.

Like all of the others in the grasp of the National Rifle Assn.,the good Sen. Portnoy  has yet to calculate the number of new victims of such gun violence will claim in the years - if  ever - that it will take for the best minds to find a clue to societal mayhem.

But  he did want Nancy to know that he has supported amendments to make sure that the mentally ill will get treatment. He didn't say how we will know who they are if they are not checked before they buy a gun?

Sen. Poorman does show more concern for the deadening effect of gun laws on "most private sales and private transfers of guns".

Huh?  All the while Portmania is setting in with the friendly Ohio media for a divine
soft-spoken Republican who looks like a Republican to seek the presidency in 2016,  even if he nearly always sounds like a mild-mannered open-collar public information officer of the Tea Party.

I mentioned earlier that one pundit even wrote that Sen. Portals  had a "strong resume".

But it remains to be seen whether his mimeograph machine will ever be updated to learn how to spell people's names.  By the way, Sen. Poobah, it's Nancy Zaidan - as in Zaidan. .

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