Thursday, December 6, 2012

How can a non-existent agency steal an election?

How can it be that the greatest nation on earth can be the home of a major political party with so many half-wits?  For today's Exhibit #1, we call your attention to a Public Policy Polling Survey reporting that 49 pct. of  the Republican voters believe ACORN, the former urban community organizer, stole the election for President Obama.   That would have been quite difficult inasmuch as ACORN was disbanded two years ago.  But the PPP pollster said there was still a very modest sign of progress  among people who expressed that belief because 52 pct. of the R's polled earlier believed ACORN was guilty of theft in Obama's first election in 2008.


Mencken said...

I'm not sure how much weight I would place on asking questions like this. If some pollster had called me and asked if I believed Mitt Romney was nothing more than a three dimensional CGI effect projected out of the right eye of Dinesh D'Souza I might have just gone with it and said "hell yes".

David Hess said...

The PPP poll is simply more evidence of the benighted tendency of some voters to believe what they want to, regardless of how absurd their beliefs. Facts and logic disappear in the smoky recesses of their conspiratorial minds, as they concoct fantasies to conform to their baseless biases. It is all a part of the myths that lead to such twisted portrayal of Obama as a closet Muslim -- or The Donald's debunked claim that the president was foreign-born.