Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hooray: Husted says vote fraud is rare

Ohio's Republican Secretary of State Jon  Husted offered his scintillating version of the Husted Hustle to a Washington forum  on Monday to defend his inspired antics to restrict voting in last month's election.    

The Plain Dealer quoted him on the perils of his job, which, in the spirit of the holiday season, I could only respond with a "Ho, ho, ho"  over my morning coffee.    Speaking from his Olympian experience as the state elections chief, Husted  cautioned the panel that controversy comes with a gallant effort to assure maximized access and accuracy in voting. (Others in the GOP have openly declared the whole ugly process was invented to help Mitt Romney.)

Still, Husted  sought the sympathy vote, saying: "If you want to find that balance and run a good controversy-free election, don't become a secretary of state in a swing state."

As one who claims he fought the good fight through the courts all the way to the Supremes, who decided not to hear the case,  Husted said he is simply guilty of defending the law. However, in the Cincinnati Enquirer report, Husted did manage to concede that "vote fraud is a very rare occurrence."

But now that he's mentioned his job as a bad career choice for people   who can't suffer the pain of  controversy, we can only add that we hope he doesn't become the Ohio secretary of state a second time.


TeaPartyFan84 said...

So whatever happened to the hundreds of thousands of voters that were going to be turned away at the polls by the evil Republicans????

Grumpy Abe said...

You lost. So when are you going to get over it?

Mencken said...

What ever happened to ChrisChristieFan84?
Oh that's right, Christie is on the TP shit list.

You seem pretty proud of the fact that hundreds of thousands of voters weren't disenfranchised. The truth is, you have no way of knowing how many people were cheated out of voting. It could be higher. But if it is lower, it's partly because the issue is discussed openly on forums such as this one, where even you can vent your sophomoric mind. That my friend is called democracy.