Thursday, September 1, 2011

Will muni income taxes become a Kasich enterprise?

I DON'T WANT to sound like I'm picking on Rob Nichols, Gov. Kasich's media puppy, but as long as he insists on staring into the dark wall of Plato's cave, I can't avoid being a nag - or worse. It seems that not a day goes by the Nichols doesn't sound like a damn fool in defending his boss's latest assault on local government.

So when Kasich & Co. shows interest in taking over local income tax collections as progressive "belt-tightening" measures for the officials who run city halls - Democrats and Republicans - across the state, it is left to Nichols bring out his shovel to explain the latest bizarro from the executive palace in Columbus. First, Nichols describes mayors who huffily object to the idea "as advocates of the status quo." As in, the mayors love their fat cities the way they have been since America liberated itself from the British.

From his mentally embedded script, he then tells the Plain Dealer: "All of this has to be done if we are going to make Ohio more economically competitive. We can't afford the government that we have, and I think very few Ohioans feel that the government is so efficient that there isn't some room for things to become leaner."

Instead of portraying local officials as easy streeters with public money, a few belt - tightening facts (which are obviously of little value to Ohio's chief executive):

In 2013 , local government will lose the estate tax , 80 pct. of which goes to local government.
And the Republican legislature has already cut a third of local government funds.

Rechanneling local income tax revenue into the state's hands for distribution would be an administrative nightmare without anything more than second-rate guesswork to tell us how it would attract a company from Germany or China to invest in Ohio.

We await Ohio's corporate controlled editorial pages to refer to the scheme for what it is: another Kasich fiasco-in-the-political-making. He's already proved to be a master of such handiwork with Senate bill 5. If you don't think so, it's time to come home from the beach.

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Mencken said...

Sounds like Kasich is trying to implement a HMO style of government. But wouldn't that make state government even bigger and more powerful ?

Heeeerrrre's Johnny !