Friday, September 9, 2011

Ohio senate loosens purse strings


Down in Columbus at the Statehouse, where the honored catchword in troubled times is "frugality", we read in the Columbus Dispatch that the Ohio Senate has given raises to its 19 top aides ranging from 4 pct. to 33 pct. The lucky recipients include 10 Republicans and 9 Democrats. But Senate President Tom Niehaus (R) says calm down, he can explain it. "It's never a bad time to do the right thing," Niehaus said. "What I did with the pay increases is consistent with what we advocate in Senate Bill 5, which is paying people for performance .

Among those receiving $15,000 raises was Niehaus' chief of staff, Matt Schuler, whose salary rose to $138,507. With this crowd of cheapskates, it all depends on whose wallet is being gored.


JLM said...

But wait...there's more! According to Plunderbund, the largest raises went to the Republican staffers. The Democratic staffers didn't even get raises until this news hit the media. I spent over 31 years in state service and in that time saw enough corruption, cronyism, favoritism and nepotism to choke a horse. Jobs were created and awarded to unqualified persons because they happened to be someone's drinking buddy or nephew. This is management I'm refering to, not those individuals effected by SB5, the working stiffs. Management would dearly love to institute a merit raise only policy. From what my old co-workers tell me, management is tickled pink with the idea of SB5. It would open the door for more hi-jinks on their part, a'la Niehaus.

Anonymous said...

For Ohio Republicans, what fiscal emergency?