Saturday, September 3, 2011

The junk politics of Eric Cantor

WHAT IS IT about Eric Cantor, the House majority leader, that prompts him to be so beastly toward civilized behavior? Although there has been plenty of earlier evidence of his fondness for junk politics, I now refer to his opposition to Federal aid for hurricane victims unless the money can be offset by further cuts in the budget. He can say such things with grave resolve or with his familiar Mona Lisa smile.

  • Is he hoping that such loony talk will lead him to a spot on the national ticket next year when Tea Party Republicans may be expected to reach for the craziest candidate on the their ticket?
  • Is he simply the bratty child simply demanding attention from Mommy?
  • Does he impatiently have to go to the bathroom?
  • Is he still trying to remove personal guilt for voting to accept federal aid when his own state of Virginia was stricken by the elements several years ago?
  • Is he a narcissistic moron driven by junk politics?
Speaking about junk politicians, what can we say about House Speaker John Boehner, who is a rank above Cantor?

Do the folks in his congressional district in Southwest Ohio know that he was servilely obedient to Rush Limbaugh when the latter called for him to block President Obama's original date to address congress on j0bs? In setting a precedent for a rejection of a President's request, Boehner has paid an addition premium to the political right by seeking parity with the Oval Office.

In this skirmish Obama failed to recall something he said as a candidate when he was asked about President Bush. He said: "You can only have one president at a time.." It made sense at the time. Why doesn't he believe it makes sense today against this gang of junk politicians?

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JLM said...

They do whatever OxycontinRush demands. Ever notice whenever a Republican is critical of Rush the Republican usually makes an apology or correction a day or two later? Limbaugh runs their party and he knows it.