Wednesday, September 7, 2011

When some things are more out of control than others

AS TEXANS WORK desperately to contain the fires of hell, here are some figures for Rick Perry's "miraculous" leadership, courtesy of the Crooks and Liars blog:

There are 879 volunteer fire departments in Texas, many of which have responded to the wildfire.

There are 114 paid fire departments.

There are 187 fire departments with volunteers as well as paid firefighters.

The state has cut its financial support to the volunteer departments by 75 pct.

P.S. Perry, who has attacked Washington for being "out of control", apparently excludes those times when the wildfires are out of control in his state. He now says he wants Uncle Sam's help for this particular emergency.


Mencken said...

Rick Perry's brain is on fire:

On one hand, volunteer fire departments are the evil offspring of collectivism and should not be supported by our hard earned tax dollars. On the other hand Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin was a volunteer fireman and started one of the first volunteer fire departments.

Who's left to extinguish Rick Perry's brain and should we?

Grumpy Abe said...

Maybe his bfain Thank you, Dick Cheney.

Anonymous said...

I expect Perry to bring the insanity just like Kasich, but as President. Oh joy! America, you ain't seen nothing yet.

JLM said...

Perry is an astounding clown. I anticipate the GOP/Teabaggers will embrace him wholeheartedly.