Monday, August 30, 2010

What to ask a Republican candidate

THE TABLOID at the supermarket checkout counter was quite explicit:

OBAMA IS A MUSLIM, the headline screams.

The shoppers can't miss it. More than one will believe it and share his or her conviction with others. Mob ignorance is spreading. Pew Research poll says 18 pct. now believe the myth. Worse yet, 43 pct. are on the fence. The figure is rising. Mainstream Republicans dance around the subject as the cancer spreads in their party. What a disgracefully hateful way to play politics. Is this what desperate partisanship is all about? Oh, well. Glenn Beck will pray for you.

Never in my lifetime has a major political party remained so silent before a Goebbels-type lie.
Never has the nation been so threatened by a party totally without coherence and conscience. So I will try to do what I can. Between now and the November elections I will confront any so-called mainstream Republican candidate and insist that he or she give me a simple yes-or-no answer as follows:

Since politics begin at the local level, to Summit County Republican Chairman Alex Arshinkoff, I would ask: Is President Obama a Muslim? Speak up so the Tea party, to whom you played nice in the primaries, can hear you.

To Republican congressional candidate Tom Ganley, I would ask: Is Obama a Muslim? Yes or no. No weasel's answers like the one you gave to Congressional Quarterly that you, um, don't know.

To Republican gubernatorial candidate and Arshinkoff favorite John Kasich I would ask: Is Obama a Muslim? Yes or no.

To Republican attorney general candidate and Arshinkoff favorite Mike DeWine, I would ask: Is Obama a Muslim? Yes or no.

Unless we do this, how else will know how honest this current breed of right-wingers is going to be as the campaigns progress. So far we haven't heard much more than they want to cut taxes and kill health care reform. I know. The question shouldn't have to be asked. But it is a huge wedge issue that the GOP is using in scandalous ways to take over the country. Trouble is, these guys could very well succeed in further dividing America unless their opponents and the mainstream media start demanding clear answers.


Mencken said...

Republican Black Ops have sunk to a level where Donald Segretti's & Gordon Liddy's body of work seems almost quaint.

Anonymous said...

Arshinkoff would definitely say yes he is a muslim. He has to appease his audience.

Grumpy Abe said...

What else could we expect from the No-Nothing party. Be prepared for the subliminal invasion of the Martians. Better board up the crawl space in your house.

ChrisChristieFan84 said...

I think voters care more about issues like the economy, the two wars, the national debt, etc.

joe hill said...

Fawner 84 - You have apparently forgotten who is responsible for ect. How pathetic your comments are. When your ready to make an intelligent and factual comment I'll take you serious until that event please control yourself.

Mencken said...

You have to admit, what CCFan84's comments lack in reason, they more than make up for that in entertainment value.