Thursday, August 26, 2010

Glenn Beck's feel-good way of embracing your honor

GLENN BECK IS LURING the best and the brightest of his crusaders to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial this week end to, as he calls it, restore our honor. Not a moment too soon , either. After the Beck right-wingers have been wringing honor from all of us for an eternity, I've been feeling a little shaky when the Stars and Stripes passed by. The latest downer is from that Louisiana congressman who swears that America has reached the point where we must decide whether we want to make this nation a hotbed of Christianity or the cesspool of atheism. I should add that he's running for reelection and doesn't want to take the risk of his jambalaya getting cold with the voters.

As we learned from the on-site historical reports of the Spanish Inquisition, which was aimed at Jews and Muslims, Christianity had some bad days long before Beck arrived before the TV cameras. Beck, however, was very much alive when he settled most doubts about his sanity in assuring all of us that he was not a zombie. How comforting! Still, that left open a lot of other possibilities of what he might be, none of which would qualify for his comfort zone.

I guess I could show my respect for Beck's pursuit of honor by attending his rally. But I think I'll wait for an account of it in another of Anne Rice's vampire chronicles. To my knowledge Beck has never denied that he was a vampire.



PJJinOregon said...

I now recognize the benefits of aging. I see too poorly to recognize Beck on TV, and I hear too poorly to hear him either on TV or talk radio. Even so, I believe that my honor (and my sanity) are intact. As most anthropologist will tell you, a society based on "honor" rather than laws and ethics is a society steeped in blood feuds and xenophobia. Beck will lead us into the wilderness for another 40 years. Yes, he has a dream.

Grumpy Abe said...

PJ, you ain't missing anything of this deranged character that only Fox News and its mob could love. As an alternative, you might want to sit down with a DVD of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer