Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An orchid for Fairlawn; an onion for Voinovich

WE DON'T hear much from Sen. Voinovich until it's time for him to retreat to the Party of No's talking points. He has now announced that he will vote against the nomination of Elena Kagan for the U.S. Supreme Court. His reason: He doesn't know how she will vote on matters before the court. Hmmm....Is that a condition that we should always know in advance before the court votes? Or should every case be decided on its merits, which is happening less frequently every day under the reign of Justice Roberts? So here's another dent in the Voinovich armor of being a political "moderate." At any rate, we at least know how he will vote.

A few words of praise for the voters of Fairlawn, my town of residency. While tax levies for schools were being voted down everywhere yesterday, Fairlawn resisted the trend and supported an increase in taxes to support a great school system. Imagine that. Will I have to dig deeper to pay for it? Of course. But compared with the critical importance of serving the needs of education, which are so apparent these days, it's worth the added burden.


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PJJinOregon said...

Why brag about paying a few measly dollars in taxes? Think big, Abe. Join Buffet and Gates by giving your estate to charity.

I almost admire Buffet. He realizes that the Scrooge-like GOP may regain Congressional control and once again squeeze the poor to fatten the rich. BTW, where is Dickens now that we need him?