Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bachmann: Is her non-pro really anti?

ON MY WAY to the dump this morning, I happened to pick this item:

Rep. Michele Bachmann, who continues to upstage Sarah Palin with her loopy comments on
Fox , assailed former GOP Senate majority leaders Bob Dole and Bill Frist for asking their party to be a bit more civil in the attacks on a health-care bill. Bachmann accused them of being, eh...
"non-pro-freedom." Non-pro? Is that like anti? Does it mean that if somebody disagrees with her, the person is therefore pro-non-pro freedom? In response, it would leave her no choice but to charge that her disagreement with that person could be described as non-pro-non-pro freedom, redundant though it might be. It does get confusing, doesn't it, even for a politician?
As the people from her home state of Minnesota have been heard to comment...You betcha!

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Anonymous said...

Michelle Bachmann is a certifiable nutcase.