Thursday, October 22, 2009

Heeeeeeerrs George W, Bush!

IS THERE A SLIGHT chance that the Get Motivated producers have taken a cue from the Balloon Boy (the latest vanishing sensation since Joe the Plumber) by paying George Bush to return to the stage as a speaker at its all-day spectacle in Ft. Worth Monday night? Guaranteeing that the media and late night-comics will be watching, Bush will be paid an estimated $100,000 for a one hour motivational (!) talk. The splinters are already flying about the odd choice for an inspiring pep talk for anybody aspiring to make a new career with a desk on the carpet. As the New York Daily News sized up his scheduled appearance:
"Former Republican President George W. Bush, last seen inspiring millions to vote Democratic - has a new gig as a high priced motivational speaker."
To put the event in context as Bush shares the program with such other luminaries as Zig Ziglar, Terry Bradshaw and Rudy Giuliani, it should be remembered that since he returned to his ranch in Texas with a 22 pct. public approval rating, there has been a serious effort by Karl Rove and others to rehab his ex-boss's dismal record in the image of Knute Rockne's winning strategies or Davy Crockett's heroics at the Alamo. There is even an instant rebuttal to the comics and critics by noting the Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton gave high priced speeches after leaving office. Trouble with that argument is Reagan and Clinton left office with decent numbers.

Get Motivated's web site boasts that its programs are "energizing, action-packed, star-filled and fun-filled. " Jon Stewart would not argue about the fun-filled bit. Just wait.

As for me, I'll go back to what I've said before about Dubya. It's the epitaph written by Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II for himself:
"Here lies Joseph II, who failed in everything he undertook."



Anonymous said...

While searching for information on Tom Ganley I came across your blog. I chose to read the article on Ganley, in spite of the fact I noticed you were a "jounalist" and
worked for the WaComPost and another Enemedia publication.

The article on Ganley was not terrible, so I thought I would look around your site for a bit. It was then that I saw this article on President Bush.

This is the first time I've visited your blog and after reading this article, it will be the last.

Grumpy Abe said...

Oh,please DO come back, even if I you know my name but deny me the opportunity to know yours. Besides, I'm always interested in the newly coined words from the hard right, to wit: Enemedia. You mean Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and the gang of liberals at Fox News, right?