Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mr. President, don't go there!

ANOTHER GRIM report from Afghanistan: Eight more GI's killed by militants. Just as Iraq was George Bush's war, Afghanistan has become your war as casualties continue to grow without the slightest prospect of success. Don't spend more time talking to your generals, President Obama. Talk to the Russians who suffered grave casualties in Afghanistan for 10 years before they got the message that a war in the tunnels, caves and mountains of Afghanistan cannot be won. Remember this: the same hawks who impelled us into Iraq are now circling the White House. If you want to change the course of history, draft the Neocons like William Kristol and Dick Cheney, who found reasons to stay out of harm's way when it was their turn to put up or shut up, wrap them in army fatigues and send them into battle over there. If you want to add a profile in courage to your own legacy, back away from the impossible dream that America can police the world. Now.

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chien lunatique said...

Obama has been captured by the national security state. He's Bush without torture. He must demand a plan with clear objectives designed to ultimately see our forces come home. If left to their own devices the DOD will only ask for more troops. I'm not sure that the President is up to the task.