Sunday, October 4, 2009

The jeering from Rat Wing's Mt Olympus

HAS THERE ever been anything more politically degenerate than the Rat Wing's (as it is pronounced in some Southern precincts) eruptions of glee that the Olympics are not going to Chicago? We can only wonder what the response would have been if Dallas or Phoenix had been in play. The White House should fear the season's first snow storm. It will be Barack Obama's fault!

AS I gathered up my Sunday newspapers, I noticed that the Beacon Journal and Plain Dealer had featured a major flu story on the front page. A closer look told me that the same stories had run under the byline of Plain Dealer Reporter Diane Suchetka. The papers are still breathing, but competition and the once important reporter's personal satisfaction of his/her exclusive work are gone forever. It is now cookie-cutter journalism, folks.

NOW THAT Greece has elected a bona fide socialist government, does it mean that those of us who belong to the Zorba fan club are traitors? I should add that a stuffed grape leaf under a socialist government is still tasty.

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