Saturday, May 23, 2009

The RNC's mindless "Galore"

WELL, THE REPUBLICAN National committee has decided to go Hollywood again after years of waiting for Ronald Reagan to return the party's phone calls.   The latest gambit is an R-rated RNC video attacking Nancy Pelosi,   likening her to the old James Bond anti-heroine Pussy Galore.  POLITICO reports that although the B-movie comedy writers at the RNC didn't actually use the vulgar reference to Pelosi's  anatomy, what else could you conclude when they ran her picture next to Pussy's, and  if you needed further coaching, noted here were two Democrats "Galore."  I'm not sure that Honor Blackman was a Democrat in 1963 when the Bond movie "Goldfinger"  came out  - RNC often takes license with stray notions for shock effect -  but I can hear the guffaws and back-slapping by the inmates at the RNC for coming up with such a  cute way to suggest that a woman might have a certain physical  advantage on Capitol Hill.

Whew!   Has this gang not yet  heard that  the Democrats captured the majority of women's votes last November?  And how embarrassing it might have been to some Republicans when a woman in John McCain's audience referred to Hillary Clinton as "the bitch"  - a reference that occasionally pops up on right-wing talk shows.  Isn't there anybody else minding the store but  RNC chairman Michael Steele,  who is burned regularly for some of his mindless comments?  The Democrats aren't angels, but they don't have to be so long as the RNC takes care of its business by vulgarizing  women.  

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