Monday, February 2, 2009

Malkin's "Bend Over" Republicans

IN OUR continuing effort to keep you posted on the imaginative mutterings of right-wing commentators,  you should be aware that they have created a new designation for Republicans who might, from time to time, vote with Democrats on Capitol Hill.  In the words of Michelle Malkin, a columnist of sorts who reports menacingly from her native residence  in Jurassic Park, these turncoats are "Bend Over Republicans," or "B.O. Republicans" for short.  I needn't go beyond that in disclosing the horrifying connotation for people over, whether in a congressional cloak room or a shower stall.  So that is the current way at looking at things from the far right when 19 or so Republican senators supported the nomination of Eric Holder for attorney general.  I think the term was added to the lexicon by Rush Limbaugh, who has taken the time to accuse President Obama of lying by exaggerating the depths of our economic troubles. 

I think we can expect a lot more of these internecine assaults by Limbaugh, Malkin and others on Republicans who just might find something on which to agree (Good grief!) with Democrats.  It's their way of mindlessly doing what comes naturally for the visitors who stop around your family business to  collect their monthly protection dues.   With these ideological dinosaurs on the loose, it is now certain that there won't be much work for the GOP's new chairman, Michael Steele, to perform  as the party's ideological placebo.  

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