Saturday, February 14, 2009

Arshinkoff, the recall spectator

IF WARNER MENDENHALL and his assemblage of political outriders press on with their notion of recalling Mayor Don Plusquellic, they will have to do it without the support of another Plusquellic thorn:  Alex Arshinkoff, the Summit County Republican chairman.  Arshinkoff  has uncharacteristically  kept a low profile  during a political melee, maintaining that it is nothing more than a spectator sport for Republicans as Democrat Mendenhall assails Democrat Plusquellic.  But let him explain:
"I"m watching the Democrats fighting each other with great interest.  It's not my fight.  But they're going to have to have one helluva smoking gun to take Plusquellic out." 
Having tried on more than one occasion himself to dislodge the mayor ,  Alex speaks with the profound  experience of the ages.  

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Ben said...

I havent heard a lot of about this lately. Did they get the necessary signatures?