Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Basketball for dummies

HAVING NOW personally guided the Steelers to another breathtaking Super Bowl triumph, I've turned to a little R&R  by checking in briefly on pro basketball games. To be sure, I know little about how the game is played and am satisfied to be an occasional witness at the entry level. I'm not even sure where the back court or front court is, and the rabid announcers never explain their technical references.   But I must ask:   Why must a pro basketball game be interrupted every 120 seconds for a three-minute  timeout in which all of the players stand in a tight circle at the bench and nod  in agreement about something?  As a livelier supplement to the game, I've come up with an idea called Roundball Roulette.  Turn off the game, walk to the kitchen for a glass of water  (or whatever)  and return to resume watching the game.  You may be surprised to discover how often you see a commercial instead of players running up and down the floor.  If you get three commercial breaks out of five, you win the leftover popcorn from the football season. 

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Anonymous said...

Exclusive: Coughlin appears to be using taxpayer offices to conduct political activity
Submitted by modernesquire on Wed, 02/04/2009 - 2:34pm.
CowTownGirl confirmed what I had initially suspected, but quickly dismissed (because who would be dumb enough to film a campaign announcement in their official, taxpayer provided government office?): State Senator Kevin Coughlin filmed his Gubernatorial candidancy announcement in his official State Senate office. I dismissed it because I wasn't sure if any State Senate office had a fireplace, but the woodworking and appearance of the office looks strikingly similar to that of the offices in the State Senate at Capitol Square.

On top of that, Coughlin's campaign website which states is paid for by Coughlin for Ohio, his Gubernatorial campaign organization, lists his State Senate phone number and address for contact information. Coughlin also calls the website his "online" district office, but it also features his web post announcing his Gubernatorial candidacy.

So, I called Coughlin's State Senate office and asked if they knew where his announcement was filmed. Coughlin's aide said that although the aide had not seen the announcement clip yet (since it cannot be viewed on State computers and the campaign must be separate from the official office) the aide was "pretty sure" it was filmed at the Statehouse.

So to recap, within twenty-four hours of announcing his candidacy, GOP Gubernatorial candidate Kevin Coughlin has been revealed trying to promote a completely scripted and edited announcement speech as "unscripted." He's violated Ohio's campaign finance laws by using taxpayer-provided officespace for his personal political purposes. And he's posted that video on a website that is paid by his campaign but is presented as being part of his official office, including listing his state office phone number as "contact" information for him on his gubernatorial campaign website.

Coughlin's campaign launch isn't going so well.

BTW, when will any newspaper, radio station, or television station in Ohio report on this?