Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fun and charismatic games?

IT MAY BE too soon to put up another GALL award (Grumpy Abe Linguistic Lunacy) but I really must get to this one while it is at least still warm.  It goes to  Alex Boone,  the 328-pound 6-8 former Ohio State U. grid lineman who hopes to win a pro football contract.   Boone was the giant who was arrested in an  Alisio Viejo, Calif., parking lot after stomping on the hoods of cars and  causing other havoc before police finally were able to control him with a taser.   He reportedly clocked an alcohol content three times the legal limit, a problem that has beset him before.   Anyway, here's how Boone, a Lakewood, Oh.,  native, described his behavior to the Plain Dealer's Tony Grossi:
"...I think the biggest  thing is my personality off the field, maybe being more serious, not being so funny and charismatic about things."

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