Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Strange sign language

WITH MOST OF 2009 still ahead of us, may we still resolve to make a few adjustments of current cliches to express  our daily discourse?   Here are my suggestions of terms  to consider abolishing for 90 days  to learn whether civilization can survive without them:

(1)No brainer   (2)at the end of the day (3) 50 pct. off sale  (4) ask your doctor  (5) amazing new discovery (6) push back. 

I also have plenty of trouble with "30 pct. less fat" on food labels.  Less than what?  They never say.  Finally my loony obsession  with words directed me to this sale sign at a store at Summit Mall:  PANTY CLEARANCE.   That may tell me more than I want to know.   

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