Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The benefits of the crab dribble

THE SAVING GRACE  of professional sports  is that it mindlessly thrusts you away from the burning issues of the day.  Today I learned of something called "crab dribble" which may or may not have cost the Cleveland Cavaliers a victory.  It is a kind of dance step executed regularly (it says here) by LeBron James as he bursts demon-like to the basket.  Whatever.  I have heard of crab cakes, crab casserole and crab bisque, as well as human crabs (take your pick).  But crab dribble?   Save your explanations.  I won't understand them anyway.  In what little intramural basketball that I played in my tiny high school,  I was merely told to aim the ball at a hoop and, maybe, once a week it would go  all the way through.  There, I've forgotten the economic crises already.  

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