Sunday, January 25, 2009

Boehner: Playing the sex card?

 THE REPUBLICAN Party, crushed in the past two elections, has turned to a new leader  in its panic:  Rush Limbaugh, the party's unelected CEO and family size B-flat Tuba,  is now fully in charge.  His words are now bounding across the desks of GOP senators and reps, and through the halls of Congress. As a super-rich recovering druggy who escaped prison (we're told he's recovered)  with Svengali-like control over his private gathering of Dittoheads, he has clearly enunciated the agenda of the disloyal opposition to the extent that he can broadcast to the world that he hopes President Obama will FAIL.  And no sooner did he conclude that Obama's economic rescue plan is a ruse to elect Democrats forever that you began to hear the same words reported from Capitol Hill.  Think of it:  the battered party of Lincoln now in the hands of a swollen egotist operating out of a microphone-equipped  bunker.  Even Obama appealed to the other party to stop listening to Rush and think for itself. 

One of Limbaugh's lieutenants is Rep. John Boehner, whose arched left eyebrow  made some points on the TV screen this week with complaints that Obama's plan would spend millions  on condoms.  If ever there were a word to remind the troops of proper moral behavior,  it would have to be condoms, a word that you're beginning to hear more often, even in polite society.  Although his rush to sexual justice was overstated to alert the GOP religious base, the Obama economic proposal would still cost less than what we will spend on a corrupt Iraq for Bush's war on terror, which Republicans with too much help from Democrats fully supported.  But a plan that might spare America - nobody is sure about this - to stave off a total economic collapse - that's too costly?

Even John McCain, who spent several days being nice to Obama, has returned to his campaign persona. He says he will vote against the plan, noting that it contains money to extend internet service to rural areas.  But wasn't McCain in the lead to provide that very  same service before he decided to oppose it?

Check me, but I think it was a former Pennsylvania senator, Joe Clark, who once said that Republicans were for "a lot of things, but not very much." Seems about right today

Finally, I was happy to note Obama's mild scolding of Rep. Eric Cantor, a cranky Virginia neoconservative, at a recent meeting.  "I won," the president said. "I can trump you."





Anonymous said...

John Boehner, besides being intellectually dishonest (like so many politicos), has spent way too much time under the sun lamp. Brain shrinkage, methinks.

pjjinoregon said...

Boehner dishonest? Fur sure. Intellectually dishonest? Not sure about that intellectual part. Let's just stay with dishonest. Most GOPers have spent too much time listening to Rush with high volume earphones; they are now tone deaf to the people who vote, said people having voted for Obama. Where is Rummy with his nose for dead-enders? We need him now.